Habitat for Humanity in Wayne County, Ohio is a nonprofit, Christian housing ministry  dedicated to providing shelter and partnership to Wayne County families in need.
Habitat builds homes at reduced cost to families with limited incomes who are willing to contribute their own “sweat equity” in the building of homes for themselves and for others.
Homes are sold with no-interest loans to families who show a desire to become homeowners by completing the Habitat partnership requirements described below.

If you have a stable family unit, have a regular monthly income and have lived and/or worked in Wayne County for 6 months or more.
If you are living in substandard , overcrowded or inadequate conditions.
If you have a good work and credit history, pay your bills on time and have an approximate        
annual income within the following range:
Family of 1)$13,300-$26,640 
Family of 2)$15,200-$30,420 
Family of 3)$17,100-$34,200 
Family of 4)$19,000-$37,980 
Family of 5)$20,550-$41,040 
Family of 6)$22,050-$44,100 
Family of 7)$23,600-$47,100
Family of 8)$25,100-$50,160 
If you are  willing and able to volunteer 300 hours per adult to work for Habitat, are willing to participate in a financial counseling program and can save $350 for a down payment.

Due to our current waiting list we are not accepting applications at this time. 
Call  330 263-1713 if you have any questions and to check on the status of the application process. You need to make this call once a month to assure that we know of your continued interest. Also, during the time you are waiting for an application you should clear up any credit issues such as collections, past due account, amounts owing from repossession, etc. The better your credit the better your application will viewed.

Your application will be examined to see if it meets the basic Habitat homeowner  requirements.  If so, members of the Selection Committee will ask to visit you once or twice in your home. The Committee will ask the Board of Directors to review:  a) your application, and b) the reports of the home visit for approval as a partner family. If approved, you will sign a “letter of agreement” and a member of the Family Advocates Committee will be assigned to assist you in completing the remaining homeowner requirements. 
The remaining requirements consist of : a) saving for the down payment, b) participating in a Habitat approved financial counseling program and c) completing your sweat equity hours. When you have completed these requirements you will then be eligible to occupy your house after paying the $350.00 down payment and the mortgage deed is signed. Then you will begin monthly payments of approximately 25% of monthly income. The monthly payment includes amounts for mortgage, property taxes, and homeowner’s insurance. 
Finally, you should know that the process, from submitting an application to moving into your home, is likely to take two years.
Habitat for Humanity follows a non-discriminatory policy. Neither race nor religion is a   factor in family selection. Homes are available on a continuing basis as land, materials and volunteer help are available.

Thank you to our 
ongoing sponsors!!
It's no exaggeration that our mission work wouldn't be possible without the ongoing support of local and national businesses. We are fortunate to receive materials or services at no cost from business partners who share our vision of eliminating substandard housing. To that end, we extend an abundance of thanks to these wonderful partners.